31 Days Of Horror Jeepers Creepers 2 Review

thCNGUHC3CJeepers Creepers 2 is still fun but not as good as the original, which can be said about most sequels. Directed again by the same guy as before and again I have nothing to say about him other than to talk about his movie. This time around the creature is stalking a busload of high school ball payers and taking them out one by one. Along for the ride are the cheerleaders, of course, adding a little bit of T and A factor this time around. The film is scary funny and has some likable characters as well as a new bad ass who is hunting the monster or creeper this time around. I like this movie because it feels to me like a holdover from the 80’s or something like that. It is a really campy and fun movie monster. Jeepers Creepers 2 gets 4 stars out of 5. If you like what you read here follow and tell your friends and comment below if you have something to say.Cathedral-jeepers-creepers-3-21839058-1200-787


31 Days Of Horror Jeepers Creepers Review

Jeepers Creepers has become something of a horror classic jeepers-creepers-movie-poster-2001-1020190492over the last several years and I for one love it as well. With great creature effects and make up this one harkens back to the old monster movies we all grew up loving. Now before I go any further I know about the controversy surrounding the director of this movie. He still made a damn good horror movie. Jeepers-Creepers-jeepers-creepers-25390673-1200-768Starring an at the time unknown Justin Long this film revolves around a creature who wakes up and takes what he needs from his victims so he can continue to live. So he stores all his vics in an underground cave and makes them into wax people. This movie will really scare you if it’s your kind of thing. A throwback to the old monster movies with a new take that’s why Jeepers Creepers gets 5 out of 5 stars. If you like what you have read please follow and tell your friends comment below to let me know if you have something to say.


31 Days Of Horror The Woman In Black

The Woman In Black from 2012 stars Daniel Radcliff and is one The-Woman-in-Black_Poster-5of the scariest movies I have seen in recent years and for once does not rely on blood and gore to get its job done. In this film we have a very effective ghost story being played out and with very skilled acting on the part of Daniel and his supporting players. The film is set in the early nineteen hundreds and revolves around the settling of an estate and a betrayal from a long time ago. While I have a hard time thinking of anything that is PG-13 as being a true horror movie this one is and is very well made. I can’t wait for the next one due out later this year. The Woman In Black gets 5 stars out of 5.tumblr_m3ug3wYGON1rtike1o3_500


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31 Days of Horror Stephen King’s IT

Next up Stephen King’s IT. While Stephen King’s ITuntitled is a TV Movie presented in two parts and does deviate from the book on a lot of aspects, I still think you would be hard pressed not to find a child from the 80’s or 90’s who didn’t have nightmares of Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown. In fact I still do from time to time. Of course, it’s not just him, it really is any clown. I think that fear came from this movie. If you are going to do Stephen King as a TV movie you have to get an all-star TV cast. With talents like the great John Ritter, Harry Anderson,Stephen-King-s-IT-stephen-kings-it-16947618-506-768 Richard Masur, and Richard Thomas, how can you go wrong? But that is part of where the movie does go wrong, this film really struggles through the second half because somehow the adult story doesn’t resonate as much as the kid’s story, in terms of story and scare. Now if you have read the book then you know that IT-stephen-kings-it-15815348-768-440there is a lot that was left out “Turtle anyone?” and a lot of other elements that could have really helped this movie. The first part of this is great and just like the adults we have some great child actors in this like Seth Green and the late Johnathan Brandis. If you like a great villain a good cast and a half decent story then my advice is check out Stephen King’s IT which gets 4 stars out of 5.


31 Days Of Horror Children Of The Corn 2009 Review

Children of the Corn 2009 is basically the same plot of the original film with a couple of exceptions. The first of which is that the couple in the filmchildren-of-the-corn-2009-poster is not a happy couple and in fact are fighting the whole way to Gatlin. The other big difference is that there is not a happy ending this time around. If you want a happy ending watch the original. I will also say that the acting isancorn37 not as good as it is in the first one and the only star to speak of in this one is the woman from Battlestar Galactica who played Dualla. So if you are looking for a good cast, again, go for the original. But if you are looking for a closer adaptation of the story by Stephen King then this is the one for you. Children of the Corn 2009 gets 3 stars out of 5.



31 Days Of Horror Children Of The Corn 1984 Review

Gatlin, Nebraska was a small town that had religion and then one day the children of Gatlin decided to kill all the adults and start worshipingposter a demon called he who walks behind the rows. This is the basic plot for the 1984 movie Children of the Corn. I love the Stephen King short story upon which this is based and in this case I like the remake a little bit more because it’s closer to the original story than this one. I think this has a better cast and better acting though soChildrenoftheCorn don’t think I’m completely insane. I think that the actor who played Isaac is well cast. His name is John Franklin and if you like him I’ve got some cool trivia to share. Not that long ago he played Cousin It in The Addams Family movies in the 90’s. Cool, huh?. I also think that the supporting cast was great. I mean the chapel scene alone where they are going to share the blood of the kid who is going to be sacrificed that night is so creepy. I love this movie but I think the darker ending from the book and the remake would have made it better. 1984 Children of the Corn gets 4 stars out of 5.children-of-the-corn-1984-_6551961


31 Days Of Horror Stephen King’s Pet Sematary

pet_sematary_poster_01So for my next few blog entries in 31 days of horror, I have decided that it is time we talked a little bit about Stephen King. And first up is a personal favorite Pet Sematary. I remember watching this film as a teenager and being incredibly freaked out by a lot of it, especially the stuff with the sister at the end. PET-SEMATARYI think that the thing that makes this King story stand out to me is the idea most of us have of not wanting to let go of the loved ones we care for when they die. Personally, I think the reason this film has stuck around as long as it has is because of the wonderful acting and directing. This film was made by a woman by the name of Mary Lambert. I like many think that we need more female directors in this industry. I think she was able to tap into something that we have never seen in a horror movie before with a very realistic family dynamic. So for this reason I give Stephen King’s Pet Sematary 5 stars out of 5. And remember “sometimes dead is better.”pet-sematary-3